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Engineered Designs - Focusing on Cost, Performance, Energy Savings and Safety
Impressive Statements

Enhancing the interior space, adding value to the facility and creating an environment that is healthy and enjoyable for the occupants.

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Photovoltaic Glass Systems

Canopies and skylights allow light to pass through and generate electricity. Many systems qualify for Federal Tax Credits and rebates.


Smoke Vent Designs

UL Listed, FM Approved with domed or metal lids

san anselmo project - acrawall 5.jpg
Unique Daylighting Systems
for Residential applications
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Custom shapes/designs

Designs to accommodate special shapes and configurations to meet most any requirement.

acrawall - St James HS 004 (5).jpg

Barrel Vault Designs

Acrylic or polycarbonate glazing options

       Canopy Structures with glass of plastic glazing
Novato School District case study.jpg

Cluster Designs

Pyramid or smooth dome shapes with acrylic or polycarbonate glazing.

HPA pyramid.png

Large Structural Pyramids

Designs for large open interior areas        P: (714) 415-2811
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