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Safety and Fall-Protection Systems

broken skylight photo 2.jpg
Falls through skylights are more common than you think
henderson fatality article.jpg
Industry Expert Witness and Evaluations,
Experienced Skylight fall-through Injuries and Fatality evaluations, Court Testimony and Deposition Services Available
Broken-Skylight photo 1.png
Falls result in serious injuries and fatalities and can be prevented with properly installed protection
OSHA Safety railing unit skylight.jpg
OSHA Compliant Unit Skylight Perimeter Safety Railings
security bars exterior 3.png
Interior mounted security and fall-protection bars for unit skylights for safety
fall through photo - michigan state fata
Danger with smaller sizes too
Fatal fall through a 2' x 4' skylight
railing around hip ridge skylight.jpg
OSHA Compliant Custom Glass Skylight perimeter safety railings
safety cage unit skylight.jpg
OSHA Compliant unit skylight safety fall-protection cages
ul smoke vent with burglar bars.jpg
Interior mounted security and fall-protection bars for heat and smoke vents
safety cage for fiberglass roof panels.j
Deck mounted fall-protection screens to cover dangerous fiberglass roof panels
Hazardous skylight openings can be protected with an assortment of cost-effective solutions protecting life safety and eliminating the potential financial losses due to lawsuits        P: (714) 415-2811
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